RANKING GOALMEDIUM, The ranking of the expected fall I have obtained after ordering from worse to better the average of MFS and MMS. (col.(8+9)/2)


THE RANKING GPDGOAL, It is obtained by ordering from worse to better the drop of the GDPGOAL

GOALMEDIUM,  Has been established through the Fusion System MFS Method and the MMS Method Media System, and is the average of MFS and MMS GDP.  (col.(8+9)/2)


GDP GOAL, Measures the fall in Gdp relative to economic paralysis decreed by governments so that the greater the economic paralysis, the greater the fall in Gdp.

GOALEFFICIENCY, Is the difference between GOALMEDIUM and GDPGOAL

MAXIMUM so that if this difference is negative it will indicate that it will be worse than expected and whether it is positive that it will be online or better than expected. (col.4-7)